January 08, 2014

If I Were a Boy

Sometimes I think about guys. Not guys like Adam Levine or Chris Hemsworth swoon! but guys... as in, what it would be like to be one. And not in the Beyonce way either. With a personality like mine and the name Michael it's kind of hard not to wonder how I'd be if I were a guy. Therefore, five reasons I choose the XY.

one// I'd have the best wardrobe
I have this penchant for men's wear. I could shop the men's section faster and better than I could the women's. I mean, have you seen their selection lately? I'd be the best dressed man on the block. GQ, I'll be waiting.

two// Engines make me purr
I'm one those chicks who loves cars. I get a little giddy whenever I hear turbos or superchargers spool. Aston Martin's, Lamborghini's, I love them all. Their shiny coats and all their horses make me swoon. And don't even get me started about a properly done with a matte finish.

Just Vanquish this to my driveway right now. 

three// Frilly drinks are not for me
From the time I started drinking at 17 I have been a whiskey drinker. I dread the fact that I'm even going to say this but... I was drinking Jack Daniels before it was cool. You ladies can keep your sex on the beach and cosmopolitans. Pour me a Jack & Coke or give me a nice craft beer and I'll be in liquid heaven.

four// That metabolism though
I like salad and I try to not let the inner fatass out too often but I love me some wings, pizza, burgers, beer, macNcheese, nachos, dip... you get the point. I want ALL the food all the time. They can eat an entire pizza and it's "okay". They eat everything and gain nothing. I'm convinced they could eat all of that up there and would only need to fart to lose weight.

five// Freedom
There is nothing worse than being on a road trip and having to find a rest stop. Guys don't know how good they have it. They can just pull over, whip it out and handle business. What the hell?! Anatomy is not my friend.

And there you have it. Sometimes, although rare, it might be more fun to be one of the guys, or in my case, at least have some of their traits. What do they have (guy or girl) that you're jealous of?


  1. I'm jealous of men's simple way of thinking. They aren't weighed down by an emotional way of thinking like us ladies, they think with they're brains and that just seems so much more easy.

  2. The lack of drama! If you put a group of girls together, someone will start some drama or cattiness/gossip. I know some guys are like that too, but in general they just don't bother/care enough to start talking garbage. Also- I'm a whiskey girl too, and it would be pretty cool if people stopped looking at me weird for liking it!