Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Goals | Welcome to 2014

Just 2 days ago I was saying how crazy it is to be 2013, and here we are in 2014. As much as I despise January for not being summer, I also like it. It's the proverbial clean slate. A fresh start to a new 365 days where anything is possible. I guess in short, January just makes me hopeful. Since I'm full of new hope for this new year what better day than to lay out my goals for the month.

Happy New Year!
one. do not touch the savings
This was a goal that I started and failed at in November... and half failed in December. This is uber important for me as it's something I really struggle with. 

two. be happy
This seems like it should be an easy task, no? I think sometimes, for as laid back and carefree as I can be that I forget to be happy. Content and happy are two very different things. I want to be less content and more happy.
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three. keep up with my new posting schedule.
Last month I talked about my new posting method. Today is the first step!

four. regain focus
This is kind of hard to monitor but really I want to take stock and just stay focused this month. Get back to the gym, start eating right, get ready for the new semester and all around just stay on the ball.

You've been given a clean slate, what are your plans this month?


  1. Great goals, I think you can do all of them!

    It's hard to remember that content and happy are two different things.

  2. I used to have struggles with using my savings, but once we got ourbudget fine tuned, I never even think of touching it. Good luck with everything! You can do it!

  3. I'd say you've got some pretty great goals for 2014.
    Mine (although I fought it) are pretty much just a clarification of all of my previous annual goals haha.