January 15, 2014

You Can't Do That on Social Media!

Remember back in school when there were classes you wish they offered? And of course they were eventually, always at a time when they wouldn't fit in your schedule. Or long after you were gone.

Last week New Jersey passed a bill (A3292) that if signed into law would require middle school students to take a course on how to use social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a safe and responsible manner. In a digital world where everything is remembered in some dark, back alley looking section of the internet, are all the posts, photos and tweets that you wish you'd never posted.

The thing is, as forward thinking as this is, these kids aren't really benefitting if they graduate not knowing how to spell, read, or just go through life in general but are educated on social media. Which, let's be honest they know more about than the adults. So instead, I'm going to make it real simple.

Everyone loves a good selfie. So much so that it was officially added to the dictionary (smh...) The thing is, there are some basic rules to selfie taking. DON'T make the picture all about your boobs. I can look at mine. I don't need to see yours. DO post clear pictures. No one wants to figure out the mystery of your blurry photo. If you're take them in the bathroom, DON'T get the toilet in the frame. Just no.

First, DO share until your fingers fall off. That's the way I find out about new blogs, giveaways, news and funny posts about what cats would say if they were yelling at people. However, DON'T share your life story. I don't care what you had for breakfast, lunch or that you are at the grocery store. DON'T retweet everything.

You know, I really only have three things to say here: be fucking nice. Ok, I lied. Also, be sincere. If you dislike something, say so, nicely. There's no reason to act like a damn sheep and just go along with what everyone else is saying. The Golden Globes... Jennifer Lawrence's dress?  I FREAKING HATE IT! But you know what I'm not going to, start an Internet fight.

Someone cracked me up with this on Monday. As soon as I remember whose blog it was, I'll credit.

Ok, I know there is some debate on this one but seriously, when there's a paragraph of hashtags I just want to slap you. Do you need that much attention? And don't tell me you're promoting the picture because half of them are full on sentences that no one will search and the others are probably stupid. #sorrynotsorry

In the life of a blogger having a social media presence is key. It's how we network and market ourselves. It's how we gain followers and spread our voice. The thing is, there's a time and place for that when it comes to real life. DO NOT be one of those assholes who is on their phone scrolling through your accounts nonstop. Be in the moment. This video, I Forgot My Phone, by Charlene deGuzman & Miles Crawford is just awesome.

And really, that's all you need to know. Have fun with it, network, share but don't let it take over. Now, if only they'd pay me the beaucoup Congress bucks for breaking down what politicians will surely fight over.


  1. Oh my! This is so good! Especially the selfies and hashtags!!! What about when they put a space in their hashtags?!? I want to scream get it right or just leave it! #aintnobodygottimeforthat

  2. Oh no!! Dont slap me!!! I love hashtags lol! I have an app that creates mine...please don't judge me :( I do agree with you on all of these...but I'll go cry in the corner #loser.


  3. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! That is all I have to say about this! LOVE IT!

  4. While I think there are other things education should focus on I think offering classes on the proper use of social media to young people is a great idea.

    As a parent I'll teach my kid safe internet practices but not all parents will. The internet and social media both have dark scary people trolling for innocent kids.

  5. haha oh boy! So true to mostly all of these. I can't get on the selfie train, mainly because my huge nose makes it impossible to take one. I'm just not talented in that area :P

  6. Boom. I think you just put the social media curriculum together for high schoolers in one post! while I like the idea of teaching kids how to use social media responsibly, I don't think it needs to be a semester long course. If anything, a one (or two) day workshop would be enough.

  7. Honestly, having two teenage siblings I'm not opposed to a class on social media for their age group. Teenagers are so reckless and frankly idiotic with some of the things they post and I think it would serve them well to hear a few horror stories of how it'll affect them someday. Haha I mean I've never used a single thing I learned in Trig but I deal with social media everyday? Lol at the selfie of that girl on the toilet. Great tips!

  8. I can't even count the selfies gone totally wrong on instagram. I'm like how did you not see your reflection? I hope this craze ends soon.

  9. I can't believe the selfie of the girl on the toilet…is that real?!

    These are VERY good tips…especially the advice on the selfie…your pic in the post is such a great illustration of what not to do…LOL!

    I'm coming over from the SITSGirls as one of your tribe members. I look forward to learning more…love your blog!!!


  10. This is great! I love me some selfies though...I am definitely trying to cut back. Hopefully you won't unfollow me