February 24, 2014

"Celebrities" and Why I Love Free Drinks

Vegas. Sin City. The ultimate adults playground.

Well, I've never been there. But I have been to its loud mouthed, shady, cousin Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is... special. If you've never been, just take the trip. If you're expecting Vegas, expect to be let down because it's nothing like it. It's got a swag and grittiness all its own. I made my first trip in 2008.

It all started when a group of girls I was friends with were all, 'Hey, want to go to AC this weekend?" Umm. what? Naturally, I was immediately down for the trip. Turns out it was a comped room at Harrah's through a guy (John) one of the girls knew. $60 for a weekend at Harrah's? Sign me up! I asked my then roommate if he wanted to go with us and, although hesitant, he agreed. We left Friday after work and the ride down was full of laughs, crazy conversations and sing offs. All signs of a good weekend. 

As soon as we got to the room I dropped my bag and expressed my excitement. You know, since it was my first time in AC and all. 

After we were all settled and changed we headed down to meet John. He got us into one of the VIP bars with the people he was with. That's when all the fun started.

Two of the three girls were fawning all over John like he was Ryan Gosling. Since Ryan isn't my cup of tea I obviously wasn't interested. I was sitting with my roommate talking when this woman plopped down next to him and asked if he "wanted to party". Again, ummm what?. After figuring out what 'party' meant we declined and continued talking. Then I realized she looked quasi-familiar. So I needed to take a picture. 

Immediately after taking this picture she asked where I was from. I said Fort Lee. She asked if that was in New Jersey and I said yes. Her response? "Yeah, good luck with that" Da fuq?

The rest of the trip was filled with the same dumbfuckery. 

Gotta love photo bombs

These people. In-sane. 
The weekend as a whole? A complete blur. I don't remember paying for drinks, nor do I recall sleeping. These pictures are only from the first night. There was a solid two days of this that just aren't blog worthy.

Unfortunately, this weekend gave me unreal expectations. I'm sorry, you want me to pay for that drink? I can't have a room at Harrah's for less than $350/night?

AC, I don't accept this. Work on yourself, I'll be back.


  1. I've heard tales of both Atlantic City and Vegas. I have to say I'm tempted to go to a place where the sign is an innuendo.

  2. Man, who wouldn't want to "party" with quasi-Roseanne? What a missed opportunity.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, I'd be interesting in seeing the unblogable photos. I bet they are awesome!

  4. You look gorgeous! And partying in AC should be a blur... looks like you did it right!

  5. I think AC looks like tons of fun! Plus, it's all about who you are with. Looks like you were with some mighty fun characters!

  6. I think AC looks like tons of fun! Plus, it's all about who you are with. Looks like you were with some mighty fun characters!