February 14, 2014

Love Stinks

It's heeeere! In case you haven't looked at a calendar lately, today is Friday and pay day (woo!). Even more than that, it's Valentine's Day (boo!).

Now, before you get all puffy calling me a Debbie Downer, let's just make it known that I'm not a bitter, single girl hating on the Day of Love. I hate it on principle. And to honor that, you're getting my top 5 reasons for disliking V-Day. {for the record, this is in jest... mostly}

Let's be real. Valentine's Day raises every girl's expectations into the stratosphere. Will he propose? Are we going to have dinner at Per Se? Did he go to Jared's? Ladies, seriously? Calm the fuck down. It's not that serious. If this is your one day for him to pull out the big guns, you should reevaluate. Which leads me to...

It's one day. One freaking day. If you two aren't showing each other the love you have the other 364 days of the year, again I ask you, what are you doing with your life?!

Can someone please explain to me when V-Day became a women's only "holiday"? Show of hands, how many women will be taking their guy out tonight, or buying him chocolate and flowers a video game and beer? Yeah, that's what I thought.

"It says you're not real." Know where that's from? Anyone... Mom? Just me then.
Valentine's Day is made up people. All of this hearts, chocolates, and flowers bullshit is commercialism at its finest. I refuse to participate... unless you want give me some caramel or peanut butter filled Lindt truffles.

Does there really need to be a fifth? Valentines Day is just flat out lame.

And there it is. Why I dislike Valentine's Day. Can't we just have one year where it's not over-hyped? If you need me later, K and I will be going to dinner at Maggiano's. You know, since he needs to prove his affection and all.

And since there ain't no Friday like a #BackThatAzzUp Friday!


  1. I've seen another great picture of "If I worked at a restaurant on Valentines Day I'd put engagement rings in all the wine glasses." I also saw something amazing to counter the "girls only" argument. One month from now, March 14th, is Male Valentines Day. Otherwise known as "Steak and Blowjob day."

    Although I must admit it's always good to see a girl ragging on this day. If you're super duper excited about how a guy will treat you on one particular day of the year then I think it's a sign that he's not treating you to well. On the other hand, look how well men have trained women. They only expect one grand gesture a year. Please note I'm not being entirely serious with that comment. The last time someone thought that a blog nearly closed down until I made a formal and public apology.

  2. Actually, I always get my boyfriend something for Valentine's Day or sometimes I will take him out. I don't think it has to be an all woman's holiday. :) But I totally think people go way overboard. You should spend all year expressing your love not on one designated day where you're pressured to. And quite frankly all I want to do today is chill at home with my boyfriend.

  3. i agree it is overly hyped, but it is a real holiday! it's after a saint after all! but i agree we should celebrate love all the time!

  4. I've never seen it as a women's only holiday--at least not in my culture. I made our plans for today and wrote my husband a letter and bought him chocolate (he loves chocolate, I hate it--he definitely won't be buying me chocolate today!)

  5. Haha love this! I totally agree about how much of a Hallmark holiday Valentine's Day is. Every day should be the 14th :)

  6. We don't necessarily celebrate although we do buy each other a little something. He buys me what I tell him to go get me and I buy him cologne and sweet tarts because they are his favorite.

    We both got Little K something because she is so excited and not bitter yet.

  7. ugh. probably one of the biggest perks of not living in the states for holidays - the commercialism! across the atlantic, it's much more focused on the actual holiday of celebrating Saint Valentin...which is muuch easier to get on board with just celebrating LOVE...of people. so, here's to love and showing it every day!

  8. I agree with most of this, though I did get the bf chocolate and beer, because we both agreed not to get gifts. And we're doing dinner tonight, which was his plan, not mine! Hope you had a great dinner at Maggiano's even though you're not into the "holiday"!