February 16, 2014

On Track

Today I can show up, talk about my weight loss journey and not feel like a complete hypocrite. I was seriously nervous that I was going to have another gain this week. If I had... I just don't know. It would have been a major blow to my motivation. Instead I can type before you thrilled to say that I am down 1.2 pounds. BOOM! There was a definite sigh of relief when I saw the numbers stop moving.

This week's meeting was about when food isn't the answer. This was something I used to struggle with greatly, and still do at times. I don't think of myself as an emotional eater because when I'm upset my first thought isn't what food can soothe my wounds. However, I am a boredom eater. If I feel bored or restless that's when I find myself opening and closing the cabinets 552 times. That's also when I need to stop, pause, and think about whether food is the answer. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely one to celebrate and there's food, or beer, involved somewhere. The point is that food shouldn't be your go-to celebration method. 

But if you do...

Tune in tomorrow for a look at what I've been doing fitness wise!
Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for the awesome motivation. Keep on rocking.


    Danielle Faith

  2. Yay must feel so great to see that your hard work is paying off!