Wednesday, February 26, 2014

True Life: I'm a Hoarder

I was in the midst of drafting a different post the other day and I had a moment where I had to stop and think about something. This thought had never really occurred to me before but it's something that I'm now noticing... a lot. You guys,

Ok, so you're never going to see me on an episode of Hoarders because this...

... will never be my life. I detest clutter way too much to ever allow this to happen. Purging makes me happy. Clutter makes me want to scream at puppies.

The thing is, I've realized that I do hoard certain things. Call it hoader tendencies if you will. And if you really think about it, you'll realize you have them too.

God I'm so weird. I have this thing for really smooth writing gel pens. This one here, oh man. I specifically use them when I need to sign things. They write like butter. Just without the oily mess. Seriously, I recommend buying these. You're doodled on pages will thank me later.

I can explain this plain and simple - I love stationary. Books, notebooks, post-its, looseleaf paper, you name it, I probably have a lot of it. I'm big on recycling so if I've only used 1/2 a notebook for school, I'll reuse it. If I'm done using it for school it becomes a to-do notebook and keeps all my random notes.

I'm no chef but I'm a big fan of time spent in the kitchen. Trial and error are my best friends here and nothing is off limits. Except maybe all the recipes I've searched for, printed, hole punched and categorized. All that effort and I've actually made... 4 of them? Someone stop the madness.

Exercise Routines
This one is just craziness. Every month my Shape magazine comes in the mail. I scope out the  cover and then flip through it mindlessly. Then, later on in the month, I actually sit down and read it. When I'm done it goes on the coffee table. After about a year's worth of a pile has accumulated I start to feel guilty about saving them. So I go through them all one by one and rip out the fitness routines. I then put them on my desk. Where they stay, untouched.

I don't even know what to say about this because, really, I'm not sorry about it. I get too good of a deal steal on Black Friday to even pretend that this one is bad. I use them all... eventually.

So there it is for all the internet to see. I've outed myself as a semi-hoarder. What do you hang on to?

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  1. hahahah i love this! i'm a hoarder of beauty products, colorful pens (or any pen, for that matter), cute notebooks and craft stuff - stickers, washii tape, cardstock etc. i've made some gorgeous cards but i refuse to give them away because they're too pretty!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. All of these! LOL I was just going through a stack of notebooks yesterday, feeling guilty about the one that I picked up last week because it was too cute to pass up. :-)

  3. Stalking from blogbaton.
    I hoard pens and paper because I fear they will become extinct, so I see nothing wrong with that. I love RSVP fine point pens and recently cleared a shelf of two packs because I hadn't seen them in Target in a long time.

  4. haha nope! I know you're not alone in this, even those who are declutter masters still have something they hold on to.
    But not me. I don't have collections of anything, I get rid of every single thing I possibly can. I don't even buy new pens until the old ones are completely run out. Nothing!

  5. Nail polish and skin care products... I've never met one I didn't like! And even if I didn't like it, I'd keep it around for at least 6 years anyway just in case for some reason I changed my mind about it down the road. Oh and I'm definitely with you on hoarding notebooks! Three years out of college and I *just* finally went through and recycled the ones that have been sitting there, rejected in my desk drawer for SO long!

  6. I am going to look into getting that pen!

  7. Hahahah... I just went through my pen collection a few weeks ago after YEARS! Half of them didn't even work... it was a little pen graveyard.

  8. I have tons of half filled notebooks, I can't throw them away!

  9. I throw out everything, but I have saved pretty much every notebook and planner I ever had from every class. I don't know why, but they are still around!

  10. LoL! I'm such a hoarder of workout magazines too! I just look at them but don't actually do the workouts. The static pictures don't really help at all.