March 26, 2014

Let's Hear it For the Curls

I have had amazingly curly hair my entire life. Unlike a lot of my curly acquaintances, I have never wished for straight hair. I mean look at this, how do you not love it?

My hair has a mind of its own. It has its own rules and pretty much does what it wants. For as much as I love my hair, and I love my hair, it does pose some... challenges.

Running your fingers through it
This just doesn't happen. Feel free to try because I can guarantee you you're not going to get very far. Even something as simple as this doesn't work.

The weather and I have a love/hate relationship
Fortunately, humidity doesn't really affect me. My hair behaves in the summer. Thank you hair Jesus! But those days that are rainy, forget it. My hair is just depressed and it shows. Or there's this problem,

It's a miracle hair can't grow mold... or can it?
My mom constantly makes fun of me over this and really, she's right. Here's the thing. Say I wash, condition and comb my hair on Monday morning. I then throw it into some messy bun looking thing like this

If I take my hair down Tuesday afternoon, it's still damp. It's like a sponge just soaking up the water. For the record, I've never had mold in my hair. 

Bangs will never be a possibility
Have you ever seen a curly girl with bangs? Of course not, because you'd be looking at a Poodle. Curls like mine do not belong in "bang" form. It just wouldn't be pretty. 

People don't understand 'don't touch'
My hair is like a museum. Please don't touch the exhibit. More often than not you're going to pull it, try to run your fingers through it, or otherwise just fuck it up. Curly hair is sensitive to touch. Hands off bitch!

 So more often than not I'm just all

Because if I've learned anything about having curly it's to just let it be. It's going to do what it wants anyway.

March 21, 2014

Found & Finished

[insert obligatory "yay for Friday" statement here] Let's just get to it shall we?

Earlier in the week I was pondering what I'd show up with for today as I didn't have anything of note to share and I didn't work on any of my drafts (fail). Then Wednesday, while going through my random social media notifications, it dawned on me to just keep it simple.

Here's a couple fun things I found on the interwebz this week.

Walk Me Up App: I stumbled on this while I was flipping through this month's issue of Shape. I'm the absolute worst when it comes to getting out of bed for work. I can hit the snooze button eleventy seven times and I still won't actually get up. I've been using this for the past 2 days and so far, it gets me out of bed.

The Cruelty of Man Video: Wednesday morning I was given a glimpse of the true disgusting nature of people. I was already well aware that there are people that = shit but this guy was pretty much the corn to life's turd. A friend responded to my Facebook rant with this video. It was kind of sad to watch.

In real life news, there isn't too much going on. I'm looking forward to Sunday's cancer walk (you can donate here if you're feeling charitable!) and just relaxing the rest of the weekend. I swear they're getting shorter and shorter every time.

I started Chelsea Handler's new book Uganda Be Kidding Me late Thursday night and finished it yesterday.

I looked the part of the crazy girl laughing hysterically to herself. So if you're wondering, that's what we call a good read. I definitely recommend it. One of my favorite things about this book was that all the pictures she always includes - they were in color! It's the little things...

Spring was supposed to have sprung yesterday. I don't know about you but it was cold... and windy... and I wasn't happy about it at all. I'm pretty sure Spring is laying on the snooze button. Not cool.

In a call for help, can someone, anyone, explain to me how to get my posts to stop automatically posting to Facebook? I looked at my blog's Facebook page the other day and the same post was up there three times. What the eff??

And with that we're going to wrap up this post before it gets any more sad. Have a great weekend!