Friday, March 14, 2014


You know what's amusing? For someone who hates math I'm excited that it's Pi Day. 3.14 for the win. Have I ever actually used it or needed it? Of course not! It's like most things we learned in high school. Not practical for daily life.

I'll tell you what is practical for daily life, open letters. Even when it's to something arbitrary, writing it out is cathartic. Plus, when you forgot to schedule a post, it's perfect to get out some word vomit.
Dear Cold: You were not on my to-do list and I don't appreciate you screwing up my workouts. Now I feel like there's a rain cloud over my motivation. Thanks a lot....

Dear Hulu+: Get you life together. Seriously, what are you doing? I'm trying get caught up on Once Upon a Time by Saturday afternoon and you're not helping very much. Skipping, commercials, buffering. Just stop it. 

Dear Pie Face: Please don't let me down. I'm really counting on that mini apple pie making the afternoon better.

Dear Reader: (yes you) I'm participating in the 11th annual Colon Cancer Challenge. If you'd like to donate to my walk, you can visit my donation page.

Dear Spring: I know that I'm notoriously late, but I'm working on it. You, however, are not allowed to be late. Winter has been a bully and I would really appreciate if you stepped in and calmed things down on the playground. Please...

And with that I have to go stuff my face with some breakfast and draft some posts!

Happy weekend!


  1. winter is acting like the herp and won't go away!!! although today is pretty nice so maybe all my threats and cursing is working.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Oh no! Getting sick can definitely put a damper on working out. Hope you feel better, and Happy Pie Day!