Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Life, You Win

Hey girl (guy) hey! Did I really just say that? Oy. Here we are at another Monday.

In any event, I'm hoping to survive this week. On Saturday I mentioned how one of my goals this month is to save. I have been saving and I've been doing well, however, life decided to give me a giant FU on Saturday morning.

I noticed my car was overheating so I pulled over. When I finally made it to where I could stop for good, there was this gross orange looking foam all over the radiator reservoir. Fast forward 3 hours and I'm sitting at STS pretty much hoping against hope that whatever is going on is a minor fix. I should be so lucky.

Not mine, but this is what it looked like. Just more of a light orange/ Like sherbet.

Fast forward another 3 hours, yep, I sat at STS for 3.5 hours, and they tell me that something has clogged my radiator and it will need to be replaced. Estimate? $600+  Ummm what?! More than that I'm told that by replacing the radiator it will only give them the ability to see if it can be resolved. Let's see if we all follow. I need to pay $600 to replace something that may or may not fix my car? And even if I do replace the radiator I may then have to replace the thermostat and possibly the water pump? What in all the hell.

So I spent Saturday trying to act like all hell wasn't breaking loose. In my head I'm freaking out. Like, I just lost my kid in Wal*Mart freak out. I'm not car ignorant so I had Googled before I went to STS and the worst case scenario, which is probably what's going on, is that I have a blown head gasket. If any of you have any idea what that means.... cue the break down. If not, here's a little mechanics 101.

That's basically the inside of your motor. Pistons power the cylinders that pump in the "holes" in the engine block. In short, this is what makes the car go.

This is a blown head gasket. As you can see, it can cause several issues. Without a proper diagnosis, and only through searching Google and skimming through forums, I'm guessing my problem is the one at the bottom: "coolant in my oil, and oil in my coolant". This would create that nasty milkshake foam you saw up above. So what's the big deal? It's a repair that will cost over a grand... which I don't have. /end rant

So, welcome to my weekend. No idea what to do. I'm generally just pissed at the world right now but sitting and doing nothing isn't really my thing. Sooo, unless I come across a friend of a friend, etc. that could do this for relatively cheap, I'll be taking on this endeavor myself. I'll be damned if I'm going to shell out $600 for something that realistically I can do myself. Between You Tube, my Dad, car geek friends and my actual common sense, I know I can get this done. Especially since buying a radiator is only around $155 after tax. Labor sshmabor.

Other than that, K and I went to Chili's Saturday night. I think it was a pity margarita. I didn't hate it. Yesterday we went to a friend's 40th birthday party. Lots of laughs were had so yesterday turned the weekend around.

That's all I've got for you today because tomorrow I'll be "down the shore"!


  1. I didn't need to read your mechanics 101 when you said blown head gasket I was thinking OUCH!!!

    Sorry you had such a totally crappy weekend.

  2. Oh no!! What a freakin' kick in the teeth. I'm sorry girl!

  3. Love love love that Monday picture, but HATE your car situation for you! What they charge for labor is ridiculous. Good luck!

  4. Ugh. Car problems are the WORST! Woof!!!! :(