Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'll Admit That....

Here we are at another Wednesday. Which mean it's time to link up with Kat and confess all those trivial (or serious) things that you've been holding back on. I personally don't think my life is all that interesting so I have to write these things down as they pop in mind so that I actually have something to post about. Otherwise my confessions would be along the lines of  I confess I had french fries again today.... Lame. However, I will admit that....

...sometimes when my blog feed gets out of control I hit "mark all as read". There are time I just get so behind and there's no realistic way to catch up. There are probably about 10 blogs I refuse to do this with and even if I'm behind by 12+ posts, I'll read every one of them.

...if it's a carb, has cheese or is rich & hearty, I want to eat it erryday. It's bad. I always want french fries, pasta, pizza or bread. I wish I could be like Erin and just not eat bread. Hello swimsuit body! This is why I chose to give up fried food for Lent....

Compliments of The Vortex. This place is delicious.

... I had french fries on Thursday. #notsorry

...I believe in God and religion but I won't "practice" it. Call it hypocritical if you want, it is what it is.

...I can't stand tourists. You can't just stand on a street corner and not expect to get plowed down. I will not wait for you to leisurely walk down the street and I will shake my head at you when you take pictures of apartment or office buildings.

...if I could get away with not showering, I would. It's such a time consuming process (rinse, wash, rinse, shave, shampoo, rinse, condition, comb...) and even when I do streamline it still wastes about 20 minutes of my day. There's also this fun situation...

What will you admit to?



  1. I shower at night, partially dry my hair, and then it's much easier to deal with in the morning. Saves time. Plus, it's a nice way to relax and de-germ after a long day.

  2. I'll admit I hate tourist too but I rarely say it out loud because the local economy and even Tyson's job is dependent on them.

    I LOVE showering, if I could find a way to stay wrapped in warm water forever I would do it.

  3. Hate showering too, like I dread it! And only wash my hair maybe 2 times a week!! It just takes so long augggg

  4. I want that coranary burger for real. I ate one pretty damn close to it last night actually. It was a Poblano stuffed burger with jalapeno, fried egg, pepper jack cheese, & bacon. Of course it came with fries which I had to get ranch to dip them in.

  5. Showering when I actually have to wash and dry my long ass thick hair is the bane of my existence. It takes over an hour.
    Tourists are the worst, they're always in the way.

  6. I hate drying my hair- so annoying!

    And I don't trust people who don't eat bread- so strange!

  7. "...if it's a carb, has cheese or is rich & hearty, I want to eat it erryday" Yes, yes, OH GOD YES!!!!!!!! (Whoa... calm down, woman!)