Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm No Happy

For the first time ever I skipped out on any type of St. Patrick's Day festivities. I had a 3-day ticket for the pub crawl this weekend and I just deleted it from my inbox. For the first time I had zero interest in going out and drinking my face off. Signs of turning into a boring adult? Doubtful. Instead I had a non-stop weekend of the sober variety.  

I went to weigh in Saturday morning and was happy to hear that I was down 1.4. I was highly surprised since I was sick last weekend and hadn't been to the gym in a week, plus I was eating like garbage. Still, a loss is a loss and I'll take it. 

Following that I went to Old Navy and picked up some new workout gear. They were having a sale but thanks to their misleading signs and my big mouth I got 2 pairs of full priced capris for the sale price. Win. Still, I appreciate the manager accommodating me. He obviously didn't have to. 

The rest of Saturday was pretty ideal. K and I went to the driving range and hit some balls. The verdict? We both suck at golf. I had been several years ago and I wasn't nearly as bad as I was this time. I'm blaming it on the fact that I was using an iron instead of a driver this time. 

 We wrapped up the evening with K hitting the batting cages and heading home to watch some Big Bang Theory.

Sunday morning we hit the gym and then headed to The Cheesecake Factory for brunch. Talk about counter-productive. Fortunately we had a gift card because I would have hated to have paid for our meal. For as much raving as I've heard about this place I was completely disappointed and most likely will never go there again. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, we have a Grand Lux, which is owned by the same parent company. I've been there and was also disappointed. 

The rest of the day was full of grocery shopping, house cleaning and general domestic bullshit. Aside from the impromptu dance party I had by myself thanks to my Pandora Fleetwood Mac station. I'm certain I was born in the wrong decade. all I'm saying is I should have been at Woodstock. 

That's what I like to call one successful weekend!  


  1. i've never been to the cheescake factory in all the times i've been to the states (which is a lot). i just have no urge to go there.

    and yay for the weightloss! a loss is a loss and therefore, is a victory :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Congratulations on the loss! It's not often you get to say that...Anyway, it's a bit of a shame you didn't get to have all the St. Patrick's fun but at least you still had yourself a good weekend. Just get drunk anyway. It's mostly an excuse to get drunk and people don't really need one.

  3. Yep, a loss is a loss!! Congrats on loosing. It looks like you had way more fun than some silly pub crawl!! getting older isn't so bad!! Looks like you guys had fun & were productive!! :)

  4. I've never actually been to the Cheesecake Factory (long, sad story) but I hate the hype that people give to certain restaurants. Good thing you had a gift card!

    I completely and totally suck at golf and batting - and basically any sport where you have to hit a small ball. Lol.

    Congrats on your loss! New workout gear is definitely a great way to keep that ball rolling - and at a sale price is even better!!

    ♥ Duckie.

  5. what did you get from the cheesecake factory that was so bad? gotta just get the blackened jamaican shrimp and chicken!