Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Want it Now | Fitness

Several weeks ago I posted about my workout routine. I'm pretty sure when you post Facebook statuses like this:

... it's safe to say you're in full-blown fitness mode.

Like the tech and blogging worlds, the fitness world is constantly changing. There's always a new workout, a new power food, a new something to buy, avoid, or try. I've had my eye on several things, but here's what I'm coveting this month.

Everyone and their dog has one of these bad boys, but really, I do want one. It will give me a more accurate reading of how many calories I'm actually burning, or how many steps I'm really taking in a day.


I've been wanting a pair of light bright sneakers forever but I've just kept putting it off.

God, admitting this makes me so freaking lame. GNC sells these awesome blender bottles to mix up a protein shake on the go. I want one. However, when the hot sales guy said they were $16.50 I thought better about it.

Gym Clothes

Compression pants are the shit! I got my first pair ages ago and wrote about it way back when. I still haven't bought more but I think it's time, especially since I'm in the gym 3-4 times a week. And no, I don't wear them each time. I have yoga pants that I wear too. But all in all, I need new workout clothes.

So there's a look at what I'm hoping to bring home relatively soon. Since Old Navy is having a sale, those compression items might make it into my closet a little sooner than anything else. No complaints there!


  1. I've been horrible with the gym but the weather around here hasn't been that great!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited when looking at different workout clothes! My friends think I'm crazy. They just don't know. I wish I could use those cute shoes, but I have to have special running shoes because of my stupid feet. I totally dig the blue with neon pink!

  3. Oooo, compression capris and bright sneakers, you're talking my love language. I've been thinking about getting a FitBit. Have you done any research on that? Not sure if I want a device judging me for my lack of activity though. I do enough of that myself. :)

  4. You are in full mode!! I love the bright Nike's, but you should look into Brooks too. They have amazingly comfortable shoes that keep you from getting as sore with the proper support. You don't have to pay that much for blender bottles! A lot of places will do deals like if you buy a protein powder you get one free or we live by these 3-in-1 Shakers that have compartments for supplements and powders:

  5. PS. I'm with Kathy, I have a Garmin Forerunner and I LOVE it. More accurate than the Polar.