March 26, 2014

Let's Hear it For the Curls

I have had amazingly curly hair my entire life. Unlike a lot of my curly acquaintances, I have never wished for straight hair. I mean look at this, how do you not love it?

My hair has a mind of its own. It has its own rules and pretty much does what it wants. For as much as I love my hair, and I love my hair, it does pose some... challenges.

Running your fingers through it
This just doesn't happen. Feel free to try because I can guarantee you you're not going to get very far. Even something as simple as this doesn't work.

The weather and I have a love/hate relationship
Fortunately, humidity doesn't really affect me. My hair behaves in the summer. Thank you hair Jesus! But those days that are rainy, forget it. My hair is just depressed and it shows. Or there's this problem,

It's a miracle hair can't grow mold... or can it?
My mom constantly makes fun of me over this and really, she's right. Here's the thing. Say I wash, condition and comb my hair on Monday morning. I then throw it into some messy bun looking thing like this

If I take my hair down Tuesday afternoon, it's still damp. It's like a sponge just soaking up the water. For the record, I've never had mold in my hair. 

Bangs will never be a possibility
Have you ever seen a curly girl with bangs? Of course not, because you'd be looking at a Poodle. Curls like mine do not belong in "bang" form. It just wouldn't be pretty. 

People don't understand 'don't touch'
My hair is like a museum. Please don't touch the exhibit. More often than not you're going to pull it, try to run your fingers through it, or otherwise just fuck it up. Curly hair is sensitive to touch. Hands off bitch!

 So more often than not I'm just all

Because if I've learned anything about having curly it's to just let it be. It's going to do what it wants anyway.


  1. I love your hair and I am dying to touch it! Since Little K's hair is so much like yours I'm interested in the texture and feel of your hair, I'm a hair weirdo like that!

  2. I hate to say it, but I totally want to touch your hair. Of course I would be polite and ask permission first. It's like touching a pregnant woman's stomach, you just don't do it unless you're invited to. My hair is the complete opposite, stick straight despite my best efforts to make it curly from time to time, just too much time with the curling iron for it to happen often. Ain't nobody got time for that!!

  3. That comic about being at the beach made me LOL. My hair is super sensitive to humidity AND I LIVE IN FLORIDA. It's the worst.

    What are good hair days?

  4. I wish my hair were that curly! Really I just wish it would pick a side: curly or straight. It has some wave/curl to it but it's not super curly like yours. It's by no means straight either. Basically it's impossible to style because it always looks like curly hair trying to be straight, or vice versa!

  5. I have super straight hair that developed a little bit of a wave in college, awesome! Now...that's pretty much gone and I think about putting a body wave in it but don't know a good place to go. Stopping by from the linkup!

  6. I think your hair is beautiful! I have wavy/mildly curly hair--and for me, I love the humidity of summer because it gives my curls just the extra bit of spunk that they need. And I don't touch my hair or let others do so...

  7. My hair is STICK STRAIGHT and always has been, barely holds a curl even when it's done for a wedding.

    That ecard made me laugh like a loon though

  8. I couldn't agree more to everything here. I've worn mine curly all weekend, went for a massage yesterday and the therapist literally got his fingers caught in it. Ouch. And yes to the beach cartoon! For all of these reasons (and many more), I choose to blow it out and flat iron it twice a week.

  9. I'm SO jealous of your curls. Like seriously, I'd trade hair!!!