Monday, March 24, 2014

Sports Are Hard

This weekend was pretty busy. I'm going to recap it but since I'm feeling spent we're keeping it as brief and wordless as possible.


Weigh in:  Up .2  I can accept this without getting pissed because it's small. It takes some time for exercise to catch up with me and since I was sick earlier this month, it's manageable. 

Food: I spent all day in the kitchen on Saturday. I made a this-is-what-I'm-working-with version of chicken chili that actually came out better than I was expecting. It tasted different from my regular chili, but only in that I used chicken instead of beef.

Then I felt like baking and decided to make banana bread since I had too ripe bananas. I then decided I didn't want to make bread since it takes too long, halved the recipe and make muffins instead. They were sooo good.

After they were done I wasn't quite ready to turn off the oven. I wanted to make oatmeal cookies. I flipped through my recipe book but a lot of them called for corn syrup or molasses which I never have so I went to Pinterest for some help. 

I stumbled on a 2-ingredient recipe for banana oatmeal cookies and decided to give it a shot. This one took a little effort since I mixed it by hand but they were edible, so I'll call it a success. I had no idea bananas were good for so many things other than sundaes, cereal and just plain eating. 

I added vanilla to these because it's like the Frank's Red Hot of the baking world. I put that shit on everything. I felt about these the same as I did about the 2-ingredient pancakes. They're edible and good when you really want to lighten something up, but I prefer the real thing.


Sunday was a little rough. I needed to be up and moving by 6 to catch a bus at 8 to be in the city to catch a train to Citi Field for the Colon Cancer Challenge that started at 10.

It was absolutely freezing out. Of course that didn't stop me from taking pictures.

As someone who's not a baseball fan, at all, I liked the movie and the history I now kind of have an obsession with Jackie after seeing the movie 42. 

It was fun getting to walk through parts of the stadium and walk the warning track. I've never been on an MLB field so that was cool. Plus, K has never been on a field and I have so na na na-na na! 

After I got home and stuffed my face with more chicken chili, K and I hit the tennis court for a little play. Then we headed to the batting cages and I finally took a few swings. I headed to the slow pitch softball cage since I prefer not to have things thrown at my face at high speeds... or at all for that matter.

The conclusion is that baseball, or softball, is also not the sport for me. at this point I'm thinking tennis is my only hope. Although there is the issue of constantly hitting it outside the court. What can I say, I have a strong serve.

And that was my weekend. Today, I just want to sleep. If you need me I'll either be under my desk or face down in my coffee.


  1. i did some baking on the weekend as well - banana choco chip mini loaves and they're delish!

    sounds like a very busy weekend! hope you get some time to relax tonight :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. All that cooking, I'm trying to figure out one meal I can cook for myself this week and you're over in the kitchen going all Rachel Ray on me!

  3. All that cooking, I'm trying to figure out one meal I can cook for myself this week and you're over in the kitchen going all Rachel Ray on me!

  4. I don't think I have the eyesight or reaction times for sports. Especially tennis and baseball. When we played Baseball in gym class I was terrible at it. I'm not sure I hit the ball once. I'm not too bad in a kitchen when I know what I'm doing though. I made chicken twice last week. Both times weren't perfect but I survived the experience.

  5. Good for you for even trying out sports! I am such a chicken when it comes to trying new stuff like that. Yum, your chicken chili looks incredible. I actually prefer turkey or chicken in it over beef.

  6. I LOVE those banana oatmeal cookies! We make them often!