April 28, 2014

Sweat It Out

Two weekends ago I was able to cross a task off my 101 in 1001 list. Yay. Seriously, there's something special about crossing off a line on a to-do list. 

Thanks to Yelp I was able to take a hot yoga class. I've been interested in taking a yoga class forever and just never got around to it. Hot yoga has now become "the thing" and it's been on my radar since a) I like stretching and b) I love being in a sauna. 

I was a little nervous at first since it was my first time but I was worrying over nothing. I felt super relaxed as soon as I walked into the studio and didn't have that newbie out-of-place feeling at all. Like an ass I forgot my mat. Go figure. The very first time it goes to a real, live yoga studio and I leave it at home. Fortunately they had mats to borrow. They also have lockers and 2 showers.

The class was semi-difficult as it was something I'd never done before but I kept up as best as I could, took water or a break when I needed it and jumped right back in. The temperature for me was right at home. My motto? Mo' hotta, mo' betta!

I should have taken a few pictures but I was too busy getting ready and cooling off afterwards. We did however take a group shot, so there's that.

I really liked this studio but if this is something I plan to do once a week I'd like to find one closer to home. This is only about a 25 minute drive, but since I'm not driving anymore, that turns into a 2 hour trip. No one has time for that.

Have you taken a hot yoga class? What did you think?

April 11, 2014

This & That

How 'bout that blog week huh? Nice of me to show up today. I'm not really sure what happened. Monday came and went and I forgot I was "supposed" to post until sometime late in the afternoon. Oops. Wednesday, I forgot to finish a draft and here we are at Friday which I've been waiting for all week. Even more than usual.

Since my brain is only focusing on the fact that I get to see Little Miss in T minus 12 hours I'm just going to keep it short and catch you up on a few things. 

School / I was able to get the schedule I needed for next semester so I'm all registered. Fall - The Final Semester. Halle-freakin-lluah. It still sucks but this semester is only a few short weeks from coming to an end. I'm trying to keep it together instead of going to my list of Plan B jobs.  

Fitness/ I'm not a weekend reader but that's exactly when I post my fitness updates - go figure. Either way I'm happy to say that this girl has lost 9 pounds. I'm hoping to turn that into a 10 tomorrow morning. I got in some leg press action on Thursday night. I'm pressing 190. And yes, I'm impressed with myself. To think that only 2 months ago I was starting on 50 pounds. It makes me giggle. 

Little Miss/ Bratty pants is my most favorite little person on the entire planet. She can do no wrong, she always makes me laugh and she's criminally cute. She turns 2 on Monday. TWO! I can hardly believe it. I just want to keep her pint sized forever.

Car/ The car has passed on much to my disappointment. Apparently I have heavy cross-contamination between my radiator and transmission. In short, I need a new motor. Since that's not happening I'm relying on mass transit to get to from work, school, and anywhere else I need to go. God help me...

And that's that! I'll see you all on Monday... maybe.