Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All The Happy Things

Since I'm notoriously late the fact that I'm participating in the 32 Things That Make Me Happy Link Up should come as no surprise to anyone. Really though, I find it to be a great excuse to take some time out to sniff those roses is you will. Although, I really don't like roses. Like, at all. Instead here's what I DO like.

Venus Trapped in Mars

1)  The ocean -- this is the definition of serenity for me. You'll hardly ever find me more at peace then when I'm on the beach.

2)  Fresh hot bread -- I have candle for Bath & Body Works that's called French Baguette. It smells like warm buttered bread.

3)  My niece

4)  Dogs -- they always want to play, and I am quite willing.

5)  Football

6)  A child's laughter -- I know this pretty much goes against, well, everything, but there's something magical about the sound of a child laughing.

7)  A great pair of jeans -- what's not to love. They fit like a glove and make your ass look like a dream.

8)  That post-exercise high.

9)  When I catch Looney Tunes on tv.

10)  Bargains -- these are different from sales. Bargains make our feel like you stole the stuff you paid so little for it

11)  Gift cards.

12)  Christmas -- Do I really need say anything? The lights, the sparkle, the smell in the air, searching for that perfect gift.

13)  Summer concerts

14)  Free stuff

15)  V8s (no, not the drink)

16)  Flirting -- when that cute guy gives you the look. Bring on the flutterby's

17)  Road trips

18)  Food that Mom made.

19)  Leaving work on a Friday

20)  Summer 

21)  Music

22)  When the scale says minus anything

23)  That first real snowfall

24)  Tiger lillies -- their look, their scent.... heaven.

25)  Nailing my makeup -- selfies all day!

26)  That delayed "leg day" pain

27) Waking up before my alarm #lifewin

28) Knowing that I will be 100%, forever done with school at the end of this year

29) Flying

30) My kitties

31) Crossing things off a checklist

32) My name


    1. I feel like I could have written a lot of this list, I'm a huge tiger lily fan myself!

    2. Oh yes, no restaurant dining experience can ever beat Mommma's food... And I feel you on the jeans; when you finally find a pair that fits perfectly it's like heaven :)