Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{April Goal Recap}

I have absolutely no trouble in kicking April to the curb. This month was a weather nightmare. Freezing cold, gloriously warm, and freezing cold again. Winter is like a recurring nightmare. However, we can't say goodbye just yet. There were goals to be met and it's time to recap!

April's goals were across the board. I tried to make them vague enough to actually do, but specific enough to make it worthwhile. Success was a mixed bag.

Spending Freeze
I opted to participate in Wallet Watch and let's just say I stuck by 3 out of my 5 rules. Care to guess which two I skipped on? Full recap coming May 6th!

           My Five Wallet Watch Rules          
           1. No buying snacks at school. Bring them from home.
           2. No shopping while home in NY for the weekend of April 11-13.
           3. My allowable splurge item for the month is a Polar watch.
           4. Stay within budget for groceries for the month. This doesn't count shampoo, cat litter,
           and non-edible items.
           5. Spend no more than $50 for the month in misc. "shopping".

Clean out DVR
Ehh, I really should just stop recording things or cancel my cable. I have 5-6 shows that I make sure get recorded and yet I have episodes from mid-February that I still haven't watched.

Refocus on WW
Meh. I missed my very first meeting last week so I don't have up to date numbers but from the 19th I can tell you that I'm down a total of 11.6 and I've been focusing on eating clean/green for about 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. This past week I only had shakes/smoothies for breakfast. I'll probably post about that sometime next week.

Be a better bookworm
I rocked at this. I was able to finish 6 books this month which is kind of a lot seing as how I was down by 4 for my yearly goal.

Argue less
I think I showed some serious progress here. Going to keep it going.

More or less I'd call April's goals a success. Since it IS Wednesday and we all know that on Wednesday's we wear pink, I'm going to link up with Kathy and give you a few confessions.

I confess that...

...This 2-week blogging hiatus I've been on is disappointing to me, but it's been necessary.

...Leg Day is my favorite day of the week. It makes me feel like a powerhouse!

...Even now, with one semester of school to go, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel.

...I've about given up on summer. I just don't think it's coming. This is giving me the sads.

...I considered breaking up with K this weekend.... when I found out he's been to Disneyland and never told me

Happy leg day hump day Mean Girls day!

Vodka and Soda


  1. Whoop 11.6 pounds is awesome! GREAT work! Keep it up!

    "I considered breaking up with K this weekend...when I found out he's been to Disneyland and NEVER told me."

    I laughed so hard! LOL!

  2. Hmm I'm going to guess you skipped out on 2 and 5.

    What books? I've been killing it at reading lately.