Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Batter Up!

Baseball season is officially here. Yesterday was opening day for the Yankees and since I'm begrudgingly trying to pay more attention to this sport, K is on the blog to answer everything baseball.

How did you come to be a Yankees fan?
Through my dad. He used to let me stay up late watching the games. Before that I used to sneak out of my room and lay on the floor watching while he was on the couch.

Why do they play so many games? I feel like there's a game every single day.
It used to be 10-15 less but there's always been so many. It's what makes the game so great, you can play 162 games and still have it come down to the last week.

Where are the best seats?
It depends on the opinion of the fan. The bleachers are great because your with a lot of people who care about the game {not me, I'm in it for the sun tan} and not in the boozy press box. Mid level is nice too, down the third base line.

Who's your favorite player, why?
Legendary Mickey Mantle because the things he did were unfathomable. Dave Winfield in the 80s because he swung with such aggression. Line drives all day long. Even his outs were impressive. From the 90s to now, Jeter {ugh, get off the bandwagon already} and Mariano. They are everything that's pure about the game of baseball. {Should I get you a tissue?}

If you're such a big fan, who won the 1992 world series?
The Twins or the Blue Jays I think {dammit!}

What's the deal with the Red Sox?
There's a long history of hate. You know Babe Ruth played for them before the Yankees right? The Red Sox sucked for so long, Yankees were king. {Anyone else notice that he said WERE} Then there was the "Boston Massacre" of '78. Just a lot of hate. {I had to Google this because I immediately was thinking of the Valentines Massacre... little different}

Do you think you'll ever get Michael to like baseball?
If she gives it a chance. {Like I said, I'll go to games. Just keep feeding me beers and make sure I'm in the sun}

If you had to pick another team who would it be?
The Baltimore Orioles because I love Buck Showalter. He used to be coach of the Yankees. {Fun Fact: my first ever baseball game at 12 was an Orioles home game. I hated it even then.}

There you have it! A day of baseball with K. I suppose I'll try to indulge him this season and pay attention a little more. Just don't ask me to start remembering stats because that's never going to happen.


  1. I love baseball but only if I'm watching at the ballpark, I am not a fan of baseball on TV. It's like watching golf on TV, boring.

  2. yeahhhhh! the jays won the series back to back and i was downtown celebrating!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Michael, if you have the chance you should ABSOLUTELY go to a Yankee game this year to see Jeter one last time before he calls it quits! You might not exactly be a fan but this is a LEGENDARY season and Jeter will 100% go down in the books. See him in his last season if you can! Oh and I completely agree with K re: Jeter and Mariano, and yes, I'm starting to get emotional about the thought of a Yankee team without either of these legends!

  4. I go to baseball games to drink beer... That's it haha! But I give you props for trying to learn more about the sport girl. And now, thanks to K, I know a little more too :)