Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fool Hardy {April Goals}

Way back in 2012 I played a lovely joke on K. I was in the middle of my evening commute and I was texting him saying that we needed to end things because it was all just a phase for me and that I wasn't in love. Little did he know that Enrique and Kelis were feeding me lines. It got to the point where he called me asking where this was all coming from. Being the asshat that I am, I couldn't keep my laughter to myself. Needless to say, he wasn't amused. The point of all that? No idea really. But it's April Fools Day and

Moving on... let's set some goals!

Stay focused on school
This should kind of be a given but I need to remind myself to stay focused every now and then. I've had senioritis for... a long time, and the fact that this is my final year is just intensifying it. The semester is over in a little over a month so I need to finish strong.

Spending Freeze
I've never done this before but I'm going to do my best to watch my dolla dolla bills y'all. For one, I know I spend way to much money on food. Impromptu trips to DD, a snack at school - it all adds up and not in my favor. Right before the end of the month I noticed a fun link up for Wallet Watch with Steph from Life According to Steph and Marla from Luck Fupus. This works perfect with my goals. It fits because you make the rules on your freeze.

Life According to Steph
"Whatever goals you set for yourself, be realistic. Make changes to your spending habits for the next month that can work for you so you don't hate me and yourself by April 30. Once you set your rules, live by them. Write down any expenditures that aren't in your budget, grab the button below and report in on your experience on Tuesday, May 6. Bloggers, link up your posts. Non-bloggers, prepare to share your list of wallet watch victories, failures, and reflections in the comments here or on Facebook or twitter."

My Five Wallet Watch Rules
1. No buying snacks at school. Bring them from home.
2. No shopping while home in NY for the weekend of April 11-13.
3. My allowable splurge item for the month is a Polar watch.
4. Stay within budget for groceries for the month. This doesn't count shampoo, cat litter, and non-edible items.
5. Spend no more than $50 for the month in misc. "shopping".

Clean out the DVR
This seems ridiculous since this is exactly what it's for, but when you have shows from the middle of January that you still haven't watched, there might be a problem. By month's end I'm hoping to only have shows no more than 1 episode behind. The thing about this is that if I just sat down to actually watch the shows I'm DVRing, I wouldn't get so far behind.

Refocus with Weight Watchers
I'd be stopping, dropping and rolling all over the place if I said I was doing good here. I'm not. I've been slacking hardcore with my food choices, tracking and generally just following the program. If I want to make my 30 x 30 goal a reality, I need to stay focused.

Be a Better Bookworm
Every year Goodreads prompts its users to participate in a reading challenge. This year, I challenged myself to read 40 books. My to-be-read list is always growing but my read pile isn't moving.

Argue Less
I'm not going to elaborate on this but just know that I need to work on my temper and patience.

Being the first of the month, you should know what that means...... it's time for a little Man Candy!

Here's April's hottie!

Monthly Goals


  1. Those are great goals! (But not so great pranking. I'd slap Boyfriend silly if he tried that with me.)

  2. It is totally possible to learn to tame your temper. I figured out at a young age that I have my mother's temper, but I refused to give into it. I still get 'mad', but I've mostly been able to control it. I try to shut myself up until I can really think about what I want to say or do. I write it out mostly. Good luck with all your goals!