Friday, April 4, 2014

I Feel Home: Then & Now

Thursday (the 1st) was a big anniversary for me. It was the 5 year mark for holding the same address. I still almost can't believe it. I have lived in the same apartment for 5 years.

Not much has changed in my space and yet everything is different. And to celebrate that I give you

When I moved into my place I was kind of in the midst of a quarter life crisis. I was breaking every dating rule I hold. He was 5 years younger than me, I was taller, and we lived in different states (NJ and VA). What the hell?! Back in February K and I celebrated 2 1/2 years. ♥

Pets: This apartment had everything I needed, and they allowed pets. My lease had a write-in for two, but all four kitties and I moved in with no problem. In October 2012 I had to let Bug go. She was incredibly sick and I wasn't going to try to drag things out for my benefit. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Job: When I moved in I was working at a job I loved with a boss I hated. I had no benefits, Now I'm working at a job that looks great on paper that I can't stand. I'm still looking for the happy medium.

School: In April 2009 I was finishing up my first semester back in college. Graduation seemed light years away. Now I'm finishing my final spring semester for my Bachelor's degree. I'm looking at one more and keeping my eye on finally being graduated in December.

Priorities: Before I was only focused on finishing school. Although that's still a priority for the rest of the year, my health has also become a big priority. I want to be in my best shape for my 30th birthday and beyond. No one is going to make that happen but me.

So here's to 5 years at the same address. Hopefully in another 5 my address will have changed!


  1. Impressive! I've never once lived 5 years at an address since I left home, I think 2.5 is the record for me.

  2. Cheers to 5 years! I love the way you structured this post. Cool too look back over 5 years and remind yourself of how different things are now than they used to be. Easy to forget sometimes, especially one big thing — like your home! — has remained the same. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Happy 5 years girl! I'm so excited for you to graduate and find that dream job! You deserve the best especially with all the work/patience you've put into finally getting your degree. I hope you have another 5 years filled with growth and change :)

  4. Wow, that's impressive! I'm almost at 3 years here and that's the longest I've lived anywhere except my parents' house! So interesting to look back and see how much has changed in the 5 years you've been there. Cheers to the next 5!

  5. Congrats on your fifth year! I am sorry to hear about your cat, it's hard going through that.
    Just imagine what your life would be like now if you hadn't broken your dating rules! I always wonder why people put so much into a "checklist" of what they want in a boyfriend. If you feel it, go for it!