Friday, April 25, 2014

Oreo Alert

I have never been so happy to say TGIF! You guys, this week was overnight delivered straight from hell.

Monday was the calm before the storm. I took a vaca day because I had pressing homework things to do. I knocked out a lot of homework, cleaned up the house, went for an hour long walk, learned that my heart health is 28.2 years thanks to Dr. Oz, and didn't eat all the food. Complete victory.

Tuesday was the complete opposite. I was running late to leave for work. It comes time to leave work for school and I rush to Port Authority to catch my bus. I'm at the door to the gate, reach in my pocket and all I pull out is a quarter. Where is my dollar?! My bus pass only covers 3 zones and it's $1.25 for the difference. No dollar = no bus. I rush down to the basement to hopefully catch the bus that will take me home. The devil throws me a bone and I'm in luck. I ride home in irritation and just want to get inside and stuff my face.

Remember that bone I was thrown? Time to pay for it.

I have 3 cats. When I got home, only 2 were present. I figured the other was sleeping and searched around for him. When all the usual haunts were empty I started looking in places he wouldn't or couldn't be... like the fridge. He wasn't in there by the way I start a mini freak out and quickly enter full blown panic mode. My cat is gone. All the screens were still in the windows so there was no way he fell out. Logical thought, he must have snuck out when I ran back in that morning because I forgot my headphones.

I then walk both sides of my building, basement to roof and I can't find him anywhere. I made signs for the front door and called his name... nothing. K comes straight home to help me look and we start searching outside. Commence the nightmarish daydreams that I will find him on the side of the road. Also cue the water works.

I woke up shortly before 2 am and notice that I have 2 missed calls from an unknown (to me) number and a text.

I wasn't sure if this meant she had him or had just seen him so I immediately walked the halls again, this time with catnip, hoping to find him. No luck.

Wednesday morning I headed back upstairs and this time I happened to see a paw. There he was crated outside their front door. (I never go to the 4th floor so the crate, which was covered, didn't look out of place to me) He immediately started meowing his little face off and I scurried him back down to our house. When I got him back inside I seriously just wanted to take the day off and overload him with love. I was so worried and terrified I'd never see him again.

I love that little face so hard. He's absolutely filthy and his white is now a dingy gray. I'm not sure if I dare bathe him. The other cats were hissing at him like he was new to the group.

And if all that wasn't enough, last night I overlooked the fact that it was Thursday and forgot to turn in an assignment that I needed to keep my grade at a satisfactory level. Add to that some late night family drama and I'm a freaking mess.

Needless to say it's been a busy, stressful week.

of homework


  1. Wooooo girl. I am sending loads of positive energy as I type. Hopefully since this week was all over the place, that means that next week will be perfect because it has to be. I hope you have a relaxing weekend Michael! Two more weeks until school is over!!!

  2. Wow, what a horrible week! I'm so glad you found him though, I would have freaked. Losing a pet that you love dearly is just as bad, if not worse, than losing a family member. I hope everything starts looking up for you this weekend!

  3. Do over for the week!

    I would've freaked out too, I'm glad he was safe and that your neighbor got word to you!

  4. I'm so glad that the kitty was alright. Normally I'd be thanking God it's Friday too but my Friday hasn't gone so well. Here's hoping the weekend is better.

  5. Oh man what a sucky week! I'm happy you found your cat! How did they even have your phone number?! I hope your weekend was better!