Friday, April 18, 2014

This & That 2

Well hey there blog. Long time no see. I kind of took a blog break because I'm awesome it just kind of happened. #notsorry I feel like everything and nothing is going on all at the same time. This just leaves me feeling all over the place and I don't like it one bit. And because my brain is all hopped up on caffeine I'm giving you a little of this and that.

I officially only have 4 more active weeks of school left. I think I can... I think I can... last until it's over. I feel like everything is due at once and I'm always forgetting something. I know I'm not, but it's the crunch. It drives me nuts.

Little Miss and I had one of our best weekends in forever. She is the smartest kid. And so funny. She has a pretty extensive vocabulary for two so it was fun to have small conversations with her. Her favorite thing? "Hi, how are you?" and "fabulous!" She also does the 3-knock thing that Sheldon does for Penny. I assure you it's too cute.

I had the most magnificent shopping spree this week. And the stuff I bought is just a testament to where I am right now.

On Tuesday I ordered my Polar HRM. It was my one allowance for April's Wallet Watch and I'm glad I finally bought it. I can't wait to use it tonight at the gym.

On Wednesday I ordered a bunch of goodies from VitaCost. Did I need them, no. Do they fit in with my lifestyle overhaul, hell yeah! Plus it only cost me $15. #win Chia seeds you guys, I bought chia seeds. Truthfully, I have no idea what they do, but I know they're good in smoothies and yogurt. Apparently they're more nutritious then hemp hearts, and I love me some hemp hearts.

This was what I bought at the grocery store later that night. Ok, I ordered it, they shopped and I just picked it up and paid. I can't wait to taste this rainbow.

Wednesday night I hit the gym for leg day. Seriously, it's my favorite day of the week. Leg day makes me feel like a powerhouse. I pressed 205. 205 freaking pounds.

So that's my week in a nutshell. I'm planning to cross of a 1001 task this weekend, catching up on homework and just relaxing. You have yourself a fun weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great weekend with your niece, it's amazing how fast they learn isn't it!

  2. An actual heart rate monitor was a great purchase for me too. Unfortunately the watch part is broken and the timer won't reset. Every button works but that one, and only because I have to hold it down.

    I have a niece who's young but has a good vocabulary. I never thought I'd enjoy talking to a kid.

  3. BOOM!

    I always think about getting groceries delivered, but I like to pick out my own produce. I'm insane.