April 11, 2014

This & That

How 'bout that blog week huh? Nice of me to show up today. I'm not really sure what happened. Monday came and went and I forgot I was "supposed" to post until sometime late in the afternoon. Oops. Wednesday, I forgot to finish a draft and here we are at Friday which I've been waiting for all week. Even more than usual.

Since my brain is only focusing on the fact that I get to see Little Miss in T minus 12 hours I'm just going to keep it short and catch you up on a few things. 

School / I was able to get the schedule I needed for next semester so I'm all registered. Fall - The Final Semester. Halle-freakin-lluah. It still sucks but this semester is only a few short weeks from coming to an end. I'm trying to keep it together instead of going to my list of Plan B jobs.  

Fitness/ I'm not a weekend reader but that's exactly when I post my fitness updates - go figure. Either way I'm happy to say that this girl has lost 9 pounds. I'm hoping to turn that into a 10 tomorrow morning. I got in some leg press action on Thursday night. I'm pressing 190. And yes, I'm impressed with myself. To think that only 2 months ago I was starting on 50 pounds. It makes me giggle. 

Little Miss/ Bratty pants is my most favorite little person on the entire planet. She can do no wrong, she always makes me laugh and she's criminally cute. She turns 2 on Monday. TWO! I can hardly believe it. I just want to keep her pint sized forever.

Car/ The car has passed on much to my disappointment. Apparently I have heavy cross-contamination between my radiator and transmission. In short, I need a new motor. Since that's not happening I'm relying on mass transit to get to from work, school, and anywhere else I need to go. God help me...

And that's that! I'll see you all on Monday... maybe. 


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss and on improving your leg press so quickly. Keep at it, and good luck finding a job. Strippers earn a fair amount of money but I'm not really about to encourage that.

  2. I hope you have fun this weekend, sorry about your car but maybe a bright side is you save money on outrageously priced gas?

  3. Girl, I took a bit of a blogging break too this week haha. I'm sorry about your car but... Congrats on losing 9 pounds and happy early birthday to your niece!!! Have a great weekend Michael!