May 07, 2014

6 Signs You Might Be a Cat Lady

It's no secret that I love my cats, especially after April's Meltdown. What you may not know is that at one time, for 3 years, I had 6 cats. In the same house. And it was a shit show.

Way back in my "I'm 17 and know everythang!" days I had just moved into my 1st apartment and I wanted a cat. But there are things they don't tell you about owning a cat so of course I got one. And then another. And then somehow we ended up at 6.

In all my years of cat ownership, I've been called a cat lady more times than I care to remember. Since when did this become a bad thing? You don't hear people saying, she's such a dag lady! But here's the thing, it's easier to become a cat lady than you might think.

one| If you send cat pictures and gifs, or spend an exorbitant amount of time watching cat videos, you might be a cat lady. In drafting this post I was sucked into the rabbit hole and this post probably took 2 hours to write. #notsorry

two| If you spend a lot of time thinking about owning a cat and what you'd name said cat, the toys you'd by it, etc., you might be a cat lady.
three| If you buy, own, and/or wear cat clothing, you might be a cat lady.

four| If you have more than 3 cats (safe!), you might be a cat lady.
Personally, if I could, I'd have them all and we'd all live in a glorious cat nip haze. Unfortunately, I don't have the space or funds to live in cat heaven.

five| If you have an entire folder dedicated to photos of cats. Your cats, Internet cats, cat videos, etc., you might be a cat lady. I make zero apologies for having a folder dedicated to the clowder. They are my fur kids and I am a doting fur mom.

six| There is no six. I was too sidetracked by all of this awesome.

 All right, the cat's out of the bag... I'm a cat lady!


  1. i'm allergic to cats so no cats for me. but i do love the cat memes, esp grumpy cat.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm a dog girl, I had a cat once but only because my boyfriend at the time didn't want to live with a dog. He ended up hating the cat and we got a dog anyway. :)

  3. YESSSS!!! i'm so a cat lady. i'm glad you found me!

    i love all cat photos, videos, gifs, i just LOVE THEM. and i'm proud of it. and i do have a cat folder :)