Monday, May 12, 2014

DWIs and Sunday Love

Happy Monday... I think. I'm still trying to shake off the laziness of the weekend and get back into the grind of the work week. Let's just say it's not all that successful this morning. What was a success was the weekend!

For the first time in... forever, Vestal had a gorgeous weekend. We had a light shower/thunder roll Saturday afternoon but it passed quickly. Sunday was ideal. 

It was a girls' weekend since my brother was at work all weekend and my Dad was away each day for his motorcycle course. Win! We shopped and walked around the mall on Saturday. I got to be sober-drunk. The sheriff's department and state troopers were having a mini expo at the mall and one of the stations for DWI. I put on the drunk goggles and had to walk the line heel-to-toe 9 times. Umm, I failed. 

Apparently you have to keep your arms at your sides. Also, I was nowhere near the line. When I put the goggles on, there were two. I picked one and started walking. 

And of course I insisted on sitting in the sheriff's van. Because I'm cool like that.

Saturday night I got to meet up with one of my very best friends from my first stint in college. We don't get to catch up nearly as much as we would like so it was a great almost 3 hours. 

Like I said, Sunday was ideal. We were outside almost immediately and stayed there for the rest of the day. I cleaned out and organized the garage as much as I could and Mom jumped in for sweeping. I really should have taken before/afters but you know... life. 

She snuck Sebastian into my bag so he's on "bear 'cation" again. These bears... I don't even know. 

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