Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Five

I don't know about you but this week was dragging for me. My sleep got a little messed up this week so I've felt tired non-stop. In any event, here are five things I've been wanting to tell you.
As I mentioned Wednesday, since the 20th I have been having nothing for breakfast but a smoothie. It was also an amended goal on the 1001 list so I'm happy to say that I've completed one more thing. I can honestly say that drinking my breakfast has given me more energy. That "2:30 feeling" is gone.

They don't look appealing but they're so good.

I stumbled upon the 31 Most Sarcastic Things That Ever Happened post at Buzzfeed yesterday morning. Several chuckles were had.
Lately I've kind of been feeling lost. I have so much, and yet nothing, going on and it feels like there's no me-time. This is a sure fire way to turn me into Bitchzilla. This weekend is packed with plans, and so is the one after that but I'm hoping that I can get some R & R this upcoming week. Cheers to the freakin' weekend.
Last night was the commute from hell. Buses were late in every direction, I went back to the city and then buses were broken down. I finally get into my town so I can walk home at least and it starts raining and my umbrella is at the office. This no car lifestyle I'm currently subjected to is going to be a supreme test on my patience.
I feel like a total slacker on my workouts this week and I'm not happy about it one bit. But...since I was able to donate blood on Wednesday, that makes tonight

Yeah, I'm excited. 

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  1. I keep thinking I need to try smooties for breakfast. Breakfast food feels so heavy in my stomach and it's not so healthy.

    I love the crooked glass the smoothie is in!