Friday, May 23, 2014

I Kicked Off My Summer Poppin' Tags

It is finally that time of year again. It's time for me to put my BRF on the shelf until next winter and break out the non-stop smiles because all the fun is here!

Fleet Week starts today, Memorial Day weekend starts today, which is also the start of summer as far as I'm concerned, white pants/shoes/bag wearing starts Monday and I only have a half day today. See, all the fun. And to make it even better I have a full weekend lined up.

If you didn't notice my tweets or 'grams let me just tell you about my Thursday night. After a half day at work, I went home, prepped for an appointment which I think went well, and then scurried my butt over to the mall.... for the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert. Compliments of Microsoft and Yelp. Wednesday morning I attended another Yelp event for a sneak peek at the new Microsoft store at GSP. In our swag bags were 2 VIP bracelets to the concert. Score!

K and I went and I have to say it was "fucking awesome". 

Thrift Shop

And We Danced

Can't Hold Us

And we danced, and we laughed, and we cried, and had a really, really, really good time!

So here we are at Friday. Since I have the afternoon to myself I figure I'd head on over to the Intrepid to check out all the seamen ships and take a tour or two since I've never been. Assuming the rain holds off. As for the rest of the weekend, it involves painting, drinks, women in skimpy outfits, birthdays and beach time. Enjoy your weekend!

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