Friday, May 30, 2014

Letter Writer

Can I just get a huge hell yeah that it's finally Friday... and pay day? Short week or not, these past 4 days crawled by. It's been a few weeks since we've had some Friday Letters on this here blog so obviously it's time to write some. I am a letter writer after all.

Dear Sunday: I was checking you out the other day and you look gorgeous. Warm and sunny, UV index 8. Let's get together and make things happen.

Dear pregnancy bug: It seems like you've been going around lately. Thank you for staying away from me. Please continue to do so.

Dear cystic pimple: No one invited you to the party. Kindly get off my chin - NOW!

Dear new job: You're wanted and I'm searching for you. This game of hide and seek that you've got going on isn't cute anymore. If you'd just come out and play I know that we'd get along swimmingly. I promise I'll brag about you to everyone.

Dear corporate run: I'm excited to get to know you. Maybe we can take it easy on this first date? Let's just try some light jogging and see how it goes. Who knows, we could hit it off and be spending the rest of our lives running.

Dear budget: Let's get under control and work together. I'm trying not to give up on you but sometimes you make me want to lock you in a closet and throw away the key. Just... cooperate already!

Dear weekend: I love you.

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