May 01, 2014

May I? {May Goals}

The April showers were are here in full force. Clearly everything is just going to be late this season. I'm trying really hard to convince myself that summer IS coming but I'm not even believing myself anymore.

Today is my last day of actual class. I'm tempted to ball out this weekend as a means of celebrating. Who am I kidding. I'll be in bed at 10pm on Friday.

Down by 5
This month I'd like to lose another 5 pounds. It's not unrealistic and it's 100% feasible. I just need to stay focused on my eating and put in a good effort during my workouts.
Blog Better
I'm not to sure what happened in April but I pretty much fell off the blogging block. I didn't have much more to say than 'I hate school' and 'Look at me party with fitness jesus' so instead, I said nothing. Sometimes silence is golden but this month I'd like to go back to the earlirt months when I had prescheduled posts ready to go.
Clean out the closet
This one is something I'm excited to do. The fun part is I'll be getting rid of all the clothes that are too big for me. I'll keep shirts probably because we all have those "fat days" but anything that too big, too tight, or hasn't been worn in over a year is going to a new home.
Buy new sneakers
I've been procrastinating on this since last fall, which is horrible. Just like how I planned to by my HRM, I'm giving myself permission to buy new sneakers this month.

So that's what's in store for May. Any tips or tricks to master these goals?
Monthly Goals



  1. Yayyy new shoes! Love getting new shoes- of any kind! And more space in your closet to store them! Good luck with your goals and the rest of this semester!

  2. I am definately still learning as a blogger.. I only posted 6 times and was proud of myself! ha. If your still unsure about what shoes to buy, I love my nike frees!

  3. Those are all really great goals! Buying new sneakers sounds like fun, that's something I totally need to do. Good luck! :)