Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Weekend That Shouldn't End

I think I forgot how awesome long summer weekends are. And with that said, I hate being an adult. Oh, to have summers off again. Still, there's something to be said for doing what I want, when I want. And that's exactly what happened this weekend. 

Friday night I hit the gym and picked up my new bike. 

 I feel like I should name it. Any suggestions?

Saturday was fabulous. I decided to head to DSW while K napped after work and basically got 2 pairs of shoes for free. Thank you sales, rewards and gift cards!

I ended up getting a super comfy, and cute, pair of Aerosoles wedges and a pair of Havaianas. It all came to $49.51 but after my gift cards I ended up with a $9.60 balance left on my card, so really, they paid me.

After that I decided to head over to Bed Bath & Beyond to use a store credit I had but ended up at Christmas Tree Shops instead. I wasn't looking for anything but figured if I saw something I'd get it. I got hung up in their print section and ended up getting some cute prints for super cheap.

These two are my favorite. 

I'm still not sure where I want to hang the bird ones. They'll look kind of out of place in the living room, and the bedroom already has the LOVE picture. Still, they were too cute not to buy.

Later that night I went to Artevino again. This time we were painting The Starry Night, which is one of my absolute favorites. This piece was a lot harder than the Monet but I like it. The village area needs to be finished though.

After I dropped in to The Tilted Kilt to meet K and watch the end of the Heat game. I love me some LeBron.

Sunday I hit the gym early and then set up camp on the roof for 3.5 hours, watched Life of Pi, and walked myself the 25 minutes to DQ to get some ice cream. So worth it. 

Monday I did some blog things, read a lot of your posts finally, and spent many hours on the roof again. I'm happy to say that I'm now two whole shades darker. Oh summer, never leave me.

How was your weekend!?

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