Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wallet Watch {a recap}

It's finally time to link up and see how we all did with April's Wallet Watch!

The thing that pulled me in to this was there were no set rules. it was choose your own. Spending too much money at Starbucks, there's your sign goal. I can get behind anything customizable and so I can up with 5 rules of my own which I mentioned at the beginning of April. 
On Wednesday I revealed that I rocked all of my goals but 2. I then asked you all to guess which tasks you thought I skipped on. The general consensus was #2 and #5.  Drum roll please....

 I rocked everything but 1 and 5.
#1 was easy to stick with when I really tried. I kind of cheated and would get coffee or DD during my bus route home, but it wasn't at school, so it's ok lies we tell. I failed at this because I had 2.5 hours to kill Tuesday night and I went to the on-campus diner for some grub... and to work on an assignment.

I came close to throwing #2 out the window when my mom and I were in JCP while I was home, I even tried on two things and fortunately for my wallet, they didn't fit right. Mom even helped with this one by reminding me I wasn't supposed to be buying anything.

I bought, and love, my Polar watch. I use it during every gym workoutout and whenever I go for an extended walk. 

My grocery budget kind of is what it is. I buy and replenish what I need but I made sure not to buy more than I could eat in a 2-week timeframe so I wasn't wasting food, and I kept the extras to a minimum. If I can keep my grocery budget to $200/ month, that would be ideal.

 #5 was really hard. $2 here or $3 there. Coffees at DD, snacks, fro-yo... it all adds up so quickly. In total I spent $129.93 on miscellaneous, unplanned for, non-bill expenses. That's $79.93 over budget. Now imagine doing that every month. The four big transactions came from going out to eat and totaled 76.10. Those I don't mind as much but it's still way over the budget.
This little challenge defintiely helped keep me focused on what I was actually handing over my card for. I think I may do one for May as well.
Did you participate in Wallet Watch? How did you do??
Well.... you're half right.

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  1. I don't think that's too bad! It's definitely eye opening when you see how the little stuff adds up and busts your budget. I trying to rein in the spending again in May, and then doing a full freeze in June. July, in addition to the 4th, is also my boyfriends bday, my best friends bday, my parents anniversary, and a nascar trip with my friend. WOOF.