Friday, May 16, 2014


Yesterday Sarah and Helene hit us up with their #FirstsTotalSocial link up. Basically, they wanted you to link up with any firsts you had. First post, first kiss, first date - anything. I linked up via Twitter about my first ever Instagram post.

As I was scrolling through the hundreds of pictures to get back to the beginning, it forced me to look at a bunch of pictures. Some I'd long forgotten about. So today I'm sharing some of my favorites.

Can I be vain for a minute? I just love this. Makeup really changes my face.

I was playing this way back when and, since I'm a smart ass, this was what I came up with. I regret nothing.

There is no garden like the Shakespeare garden in Central Park.

This was the 2nd best trip I've ever had to Boston. Okay, it was aslo my second time there but still, it was an awesome trip.

A couple coworkers and I did this to one of my former boss's office.

And K says I'm not patriotic... 'murica!

Too bad this is the truth!

W and I used to do this once a month. We really need to bring it back. It's been too long.

Yes this happened. Yes I'm still upset. No, I don't want to talk about it.

I've had these ice cube trays forever.... and yet I never use them.

And on that note, happy Friday. I'm staying home today so there will be cleaning, tv watching, weight lifting and then general laziness. I'm so excited.

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