Monday, June 2, 2014

30 x 30: An Update

Way back at the start of February I made a promise to myself to start living a healthier life. The goal was to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday and continue with that lifestyle indefinitely. Hence the name 30 x 30.

Yesterday marked 4 months that I've been dedicated to doing this. That still gives me 5 months and 27 days to kick my ass! Time for a progress check.

February 1:
This is the day I decided to make the change.

April 5th:
I had my first big loss with Weight Watchers. 

April 19th:
Had my 2nd big loss, down another 3 lbs.

April 20th:
I started having smoothies for breakfast and I haven't looked back. I blend up leafy greens, protein powder, fruits and chia seeds or flaxseeds every morning. That 2:30 feeling is a thing of the past.

April 23rd:
Did 10 reps on leg press.... at 220lbs. No lie, this made me feel like a major badass!

May 17th:
I was up 4 pounds for the past 2 weeks and not the least bit happy about it. I had been cutting myself one too many breaks and quickly realized that I was bored with the gym. Monotony is gym suicide. It was time to change things up but we kept the main complex exercises I've been doing (squats, leg press, and deadlifts).

June 1st:
As of today, I'm down a total of 12.4 pounds. May was kind of rough through my own laziness and because of boredom. My gym mojo is back now that I've revamped my strategy, something I'm obviously going to have to do every 3 months. I've kind of started C25K and am hoping that I'll be able to jog for the color run I plan on doing at the end of July.

Regardless of what the scale says, I just feel better. My weights are going up and my pants are too loose. Last week I put on a pair of pants that haven't fit since I bought them. I didn't even have to do the wiggle. It's really encouraging.

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