Friday, June 6, 2014

Cannolis Should Be the National Dessert

I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that June is actually here. It’s here and in 3 more agonizing days I’ll be jamming my face off with Dave. Oh summer, I love you.  

In other news, it didn't make it to the blog but last Friday, while I was out for lunch, someone in my office stole my book that I was reading. It was on my desk and when I went to leave for the day, I noticed that it was gone. To say I was pissed is an understatement. I reported it to HR and tried to let it go. On Tuesday, one of the office services guys who I'm cool with bought me a replacement. He didn't need to do that but he did and I'm super grateful. From now on, my desk will be locked when I'm gone.

Off subject, do I really have one today?, but something that makes me crazy. The new IHOP commercial. Specifically the girl who says "I don't know what a cannoli is, but it's good."

Seriously?? Look, I know that middle America may not be up on all the amazing desserts but really, who doesn't know what a cannoli is? Every time I see the commercial I want to throw the remote at the TV. It just irrationally pisses me off. Especially since I love cannolis. They really should be the national dessert. What's not to love?

I talked about my first world problems the other day and now I'm having another one. One of my June goals is to make something. I spent a good part of yesterday morning scrolling through Pinterest trying to find something I'd like to replicate. Nothing jumped out to me. Nothing. I really loved how Janna refurbed (it's a word now, go with it) a console, and since I do need to replace my TV stand, this seems like a good choice. Plus, it's garage sale season. I should be able to find a cheap dresser to work some DIY magic on, no? Ain't no problem like a first world problem...

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous so you know I'll be on the roof. Seriously, it's my 2nd favorite place in the summer. And before this rambling gets any more rambled, 

I kid! Have a great weekend! 

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