Friday, June 27, 2014

Life in Motion

Every year I create a new album on Facebook. It's where all the photos go no matter what I'm doing, unless of course it's a special occasion like a friend's wedding or something. I titled this year's album Life in Motion. I wanted to constantly remind myself to be present. Take pictures, make memories, but be present.

I have so many log in passwords I'd be lost without automatic log in or my Keeper app. I have accounts with Hootsuite, Buffer, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Polyvore, Pinterest, and Foursquare... and for what? It can get exhausting maintaining an online presence. At times I feel too connected to the wrong things.

To counter that, I've been thinking twice before I post things on any of my feeds. Not because I don't want to share, but I think there's something to be said for a little mystery every now and then. Although, now I'm going to be contradictory and share some of what I've been up to this month that I didn't share on social media.

Rangers made it to the finals.... and lost.

This was before we started the corporate run. Still can't believe I completed my first 5k.

A friend of mine works at New Balance. They have this awesome machine that shows where the pressure points are on your feet. I'd like a refund on my right foot please.

I'm a sucker for sunrise/sunset photos. The crazier the colors, the better. I snapped this one Sunday while K and I were on our way to get fro-yo.

This little cherub is my entire life.

Headed down the turnpike on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon last weekend.

Roxi... such a lady.

And that was my month :)

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