Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not My Jam

A few weeks ago my coworker e-mailed me voicing her opinions about Kimye's wedding dress. Umm what? I responded of course, but it went something like this:

"Heard that they got married over the weekend. Forgot it as soon as I read the 3 line blurb. Those are 2 people who I truly could not care less about."

There are just some things I couldn't give a rat's ass about. And this is one of them.... which led me down the path of other things that don't matter to me.
Celebrities/Award Shows
The Grammys, Oscars, SAG, Emmys... I don't watch any of that shit. Why? Because I don't care. What difference does it make to me whether so-and-so walked the red carpet in Marchesa or Merona? It's not like those clothes are going to magically appear in my closet.
West Elm/Etsy/Target
I looove house decor but this stuff all looks the same to me. Everyone and their yorkie has every single item Target offers in their home collection. Having the same set of throw pillows as everyone in blogland? No thanks. I'm sorry but if you only decorate from these 3 places I'm going to think you're a snob.

No, not really.
Yup. Start heating up your tar and break out your feathers because pugs? No freakin' thanks. 1) they're too small for me to consider them "real" dogs; 2) I only think of that annoying talking dog from Men in Black; and 3) that snorting, heavy breathing thing they do annoys the hell outta me.

Your vacation
Ok, this is kind of a lie. It's not that I don't care. It's more that I'm insanely envious that you were just frolicking about in the surf or wilderness while I was stuck in my cube staring at a beige wall for 8 hours. I'm sure your vacation was very... nice.

 What are you over or not into?

Vodka and Soda

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