July 09, 2014

How to Know You're an Adult

Way back when I read a post about why being an adult is better than being a kid. Although she raises valid points, being an adult sometimes sneaks up on you, and it made me start thinking about the not so obvious, or fun, signs that you've become an adult. I had a few of my own but reached out to you guys for opinions as well.

You can no longer go to bed late and wake up early.

You need the extra day after a night of drinking.

Kat: You have ever used the phrase "tax deduction".

Allyssa: Going to the DMV and hearing about kids passing their road tests.

Sara: A "house party" is now a gathering of women buying makeup/purses or someone just bought a house.

Flix: You are around teens and need to resist the urge to "teach them something".

Erin: You get excited when someone cancels on your plans after work because that means you can go sit your ass on the couch and veg. I'm so guilty of this.

Sara: Laundry

Jessica: You ask for appliances for Christmas. In my opinion asking for appliances is ok. Yay for not haing to buy a new microwave myself.  It's NOT ok when you receive an appliance from a boyfriend.
If I'm being truthful, I'm guilty of all of these things and yet I still don't feel like an adult. You know what they say: Age is just a number!

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