Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Insert Witty Title Here

It's Wednesday. How 'bout that. I'm telling you right now this post is going to be particularly lackluster. Mainly because as I should be massaging these keys I'm actually too busy stuffing my face with English muffin pizzas. 

Except I'm on my last one so maybe I should slow it down and type more so it's there and I can feel like James Woods when he finds a piece of candy. 

So Wednesday. Confession time.

... K decided not to show up to class today. Today was supposed to be one of his posts but since it's not finished you're getting this shined up turd.  

... this week feels like it's dragging. My brain tells me it should be at least Thursday already. 

... the thoughts  to just stop have been floating around my brain in regards to blogging. Do I want to stop, no. Am I so busy with life that it's not even on my to-do list right now... yes. 

... a wedding at Penn State can't be topped. Seriously. Everyone should just get married at courthouses from now on. 

... I need fall to get here. I really want to get back to school. So I can get it over with. is this really even a confession? Everyone knows this...

... I'm trying really hard to quiet my urges to go on a spending spree replacing certain pieces of furniture right now. Like, a coffee table, TV console, and a night stand. 

... I'm also trying not to replace my entire wardrobe. Admittedly, I've bought quite a few new pieces since I started this new job.... work pants, cardigan, sneakers, palazzo pants because they're awesome, dresses, a new bag... But again with the patience.

And on that note... I'll see you kids Friday.. probably. 

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