Monday, July 21, 2014

That Job Though

I figured it was finally time to share some info about that doozy of a confession I dropped last week.

First off, let's all celebrate!

Okay. Now that we've got that out of the way let me just say that I am so excited to start this chapter. I knew about a week into my previous job that it wasn't for me but given my situation with school, it made sense to just do my time, graduate and then start looking aggressively. That's not to say I wasn't looking in the mean time.... obviously.

I went through binges where over a course of 2-3 days I would just apply to as many jobs that I could that fit what I was looking for. I got an e-mail back from one and realized I recognized the name of the firm. We set up an interview and I went, somewhat more relaxed than usual. I don't like to get my hopes up, and I wasn't overly confident. I was just opting to let things run their course.

I started letting go of the small hope I did have when I hadn't heard back after two weeks. K suggested that I still, at this time, send a follow-up e-mail thanking them for the interview. I wasn't going to since I figured too much time had passed, but in a sun-induced state, I sent one. I woke up to an e-mail the next day saying that if I was still looking they'd love to have me come in and meet the rest of the partners.

Two weeks later I went back for a follow-up, which NJ Transit was determined to make me miss, and then 2 days later I got The Call. Commence freak out. I accepted right then and there.

I put in a week and a half notice given the upcoming holiday (the 4th),  said goodbye to these views, and then I went on vacation. :)

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