August 19, 2014

21 Questions

A funny thing happened on the way to the gym last week. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share it.

So I'm sitting at the bus station waiting for my transfer. This guy walks over toward me and I was immediately on an interview I don't recall setting up.

Him: Good morning beautiful
Me: Hi
H. Imma hit you with some questions I need to know


H. What are you? How old are you? Where are you going, work or the gym? How old are you? Where do live? What's your mother's name?

(Silence, and then because I cant be rude)

M: A bunch of stuff
H: Like what
M: Mixed
H: So if you were filling out an application.what would you say
M: Other

(This went on for a bit longer but wait... it gets better...)

H. So where you headed
M. Gym (because that's not clear by me being dressed in gym clothes and having my gym bag with me...)

H: Where do you go
M: Blink
H: Where's that.. I go to spa 21

(And then I broke my own rule and asked a question)

M: Where's that?
H:  ......
(some long answer about locations and amenities that I was ignoring while texting my friend)

H: I just got approved for section 8, moving into a place in Bergenfield once the paperwork is complete so like mid September
M: Silence
H: You drive
M: Yes and no
H:You got a license
M: Yup
H: Yeah I gotta pay $300 in fines and then I'll get mine back. But I ain't driving. I'm letting my little brother hold down my car cuz the cops know me, they know my truck and it ain't worth getting more tickets (someone has common sense?)


H: So you gonna be my designated driver
M: No  (Then he offered to take me out to outback and a movie)
M: I'm not single so no
H: You're not. Guess I should have asked that
M: Maybe that should have been one of your first questions
H: So what's he like, you live together, how long y'all been together.
M: 3 years
H: Ooohh so you gonna get married have some kids
H: What's your name

(And because I can never pass up the fun of that question)

M: Michael
H: Michael... but Michelle
M: No
H: Michael?
M: Like Jordan.
H: That's kind of cute.  Oh and you got the nose ring....oooh I need to get away from you

(Smartest thing he's said this whole time... and then, by the grace of God, his bus came)

H: I'm Arthur. I'll see you again And ask  you some more questions. It was nice meeting you.
M: You too

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