Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Had a Face Lift

I love change. It seems like forever ago that I had a short convo about having some digital plastic surgery done. It was time to say goodbye to my first official design.

I wasn't in a hurry but added my name to the wait list because I knew I needed something. It worked to my advantage as I'm sooo indecisive when it comes to decór in any sense.

I filled out the questionnaire and sent Sarah some color palettes I liked. And then D-Day came (D for design if you're not following) She sent something that wasn't like anything I had mentioned. And if you're here, you're seeing the finished result. The bandages are off, and we're ready to party!

Personally, what jumped at me was the header font. And then the orange/purple colors... and then the fun character letters. I remember seeing the header and knew it was perfect. It kind of matched the pattern on my palazzo pants.

Click around, check out the pages, grab a button, and let me know what you think! Oh, and if you're in need of a design or looking to freshen up, let Sarah know and she'll make you look brand spankin' new!

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