Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Happening | August Goals

I was hesitant to even write this post. I couldn't tell you what my July goals were because I know I didn't complete one of them. Actually, that's a lie. I wanted to go kayaking at the park. It never happened.

This summer had actually been full of events and changes and other things have kind of just been brushed aside. But it's a new month and I feel lost without a list or plan. So here's what's on deck for August.

Eat better

This past month was an exercise in gluttony. I'm terrified to step on a digital scale (I believe them to be more accurate) for fear that I'm more than I was when I left WW at the beginning of July. I need to woman up though. I'm going to WW on Saturday to find out the damage. And then? Then it's salad and steamed food, and whole grains, and fish and beast mode at the gym. 30 will be here soon and I need to meet my goal. 

Go kayaking
Hooray for repeat goals right? I still really want to do this so I'm going to try to get after it this month. All my Sundays are booked already so it's definitely going to take some planning. 

Buy a new rug for the living room

The one I have currently is a boring shit brown and it's permanently covered in cat hair. No matter how much I vacuum, it's still there. Cat hair is equivalent to herpes. It never goes away. 

Pay down the credit card
I have an appointment for a new tattoo (finally!) in September. My plan was to put it on the CC. First I kind of need to pay it down. It's a little too high right now. Financial sense says to pay the cc and pay for the tat in cash. We'll see. 

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