Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raves Rants & Tequila

I’m having a thought but I don’t dare jinx it so just trust me and go with the fact that I actually have a post for today.

Vodka and Soda

I confess that...

+ I was so eager to link up that I published my post at 9:45 (real eager huh?) yesterday and then was wondering why Kat didn't post confessions. Hello, does she not know what day it is?! Then I quickly realized it was Tuesday and I put that shit back in draft mode with the quickness. 

+ having my niece around makes me actually want a mini me. She is just too awesome and I have the most fun with her, even when she’s being grumpy.

+ unless I absolutely have to (illness) I never take my cats to the vet. Before you start throwing shit at me, let me just say my cats are healthy, are all fixed and are active in annoying me. Lately though, their shedding has been driving me nuts. I brush them but it’s not making a difference. Sir Oreo is about to find himself at the vet to get groomed.

Fluffy little fuck
+ I find it to be insanely annoying that I can't comment on blogs at work. We use Gmail and I could sign into my blog account but that's too much co-mingling for me. I tried using Wordpress but then it tells me I don't "own my account". wtf... If you see a gotjack28 open id comment, that's me. I apologize for the annoyingness I'm spreading.

+ it kind of pisses me off that people don't "get" the ALS ice bucket challenge. I'm sorry, what's not to get? People are raising money for an incurable disease. If you don't want to do it, then don't (but do donate), but stop saying it's annoying and you don't understand it. 

+ the fact that Deep Fried Tequila is Actually a Thing gives me pause and makes me curious. I might have to make these.

And we're half way to that 3-day weekend. I think we can... I think we can...

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