Monday, August 11, 2014


Since it's been a really long time, and I've lost a small child, I thought I'd give Stitch Fix another try. I'd apologize for the non-DSLR quality photos but.... well, IDGAF. 

One of the first things I saw was this green Tenessy Chevron Print maxi dress. 

The dress fit great and was super comfortable. It hugged in all the right places but I needed it to be about 2" longer. 

Next up was the Colibri paisley sleeveless top. 

This was perfect because it was great for work and play. I wore this around the house a lot trying to decide how I felt about it. It's long in the back which was fun, but it was about half an inch too big in the underarm area. 

The Leya thermal knit top was an instant favorite. 

I'm a sucker for anything open knit. I blame it on my inner hippie. And that cute cutout in the back? Love. Unfortunately, my relationship with open knit, or knit anything for that matter is love/hate. I just knew I'd snag this shirt, and with my cats... it just wasn't worth the money I'd be paying. 

These Just Black ankle pants in Cantaloupe are my everything right now. 

I actually wore these Saturday to a party and they were so insanely comfortable. Best part, while the rest of me was hot, my lower half was nice and cool. The tag on these said they were "moisture absorbent, anti-bacterial, great for sensitive skin, versatile, and durable" Umm... what?! All I know is they're comfy as shit and make my butt look good. 

Since there's usually an accessory, I was excited for this Preston carved crescent bib necklace. 

Annnnnd I wore this to another party on Sunday. I have a few statement necklaces, mostly pendants, but they're all colored. So this was a nice neutral, go-with-everything necklace to have. 

Darien, who was the stylist on this Fix nailed everything. I wonder if I can just hire him away as my own personal stylist. I was so tempted to keep everything but the maxi but since I’m trying to be budget conscious right now so some things just had to go back. 

What do you think I kept?

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