Monday, October 20, 2014

All The Fall Things

This past weekend K and I went home to my parents for the annual Halloween party we started going to. Food, drinks, prizes, games...It’s always a lot of fun.

Last year we tied for Best Couple with my parents. This year it was game on. Unfortunately, neither of us won, but lezzbehonest, Little Miss wins best costume. 

Since I was home, I couldn't miss out on a trip to The Cider Mill. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. They make and sell donuts, which you can watch be made. 

If you want real apple cider this is the place to get it because it doesn't get any more fresh than this. You can actually watch the process of how they make it, and sample the batch you just watched at the end. I haven’t gone through in years so this trip was necessary.

The process for deliciousness

After the process comes the best part imaginable. The tasting.

See that hose coming out of the wall? It's coming directly from that machine you just saw in action up above. Like I said, it doesn't get any more fresh than this. 

I’m also a bit of a candy apple snob and if I have my preference, this is the only place I’ll get them from. I bought 3. (they’re also made in-house)

While knee deep in fall festivities I picked out our pumpkins for this year. 

35lbs of carving fun

Every year I carve something different. This year I'm kind of stuck. How am I going to top Oogie Boogie?

That was my weekend. Can I hit replay?


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