Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Can't Even

It's Wednesday right? At this point, I don't know where I am or what's going on. The fact that my title even says that should tell you something. 

I've slacked off on confessions for so long that I feel the need to participate, even if they are mundane.

* Sunday's move was a success. Quick, efficient, and nothing was broke. The cats are still adjusting. Roxie and Oreo have been exploring and are pretty settled. Sitch continues to hide in the new litter box.

* Packing and purging is my jam. What's not my jam is unpacking. Seriously. Who can I pay to do this for me?

* Final semester or not, I want nothing more than to be all

* I received a student loan statement from Navient (formerly Sallie Mae) and apparently my $116/month payment is only bringing the principal down by about $32/month. Commence rage.

* Tomorrow I go to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress. I'm kind of excited because the place is close to my new apartment, so I can walk, and because the dress we picked is awesome. I'm not excited about handing over my plastic. 

* I'm only 5 books away from reaching my goal for the year, which was 40. Someone give me short and sweet reads so I can make it! 

* I'm in lust with my personal trainer. But really though, Tyler is awesome. He makes me do things I wouldn't push myself to do and he's super encouraging. Plus, he's real. I can't talk to him and not feel like I'm being ignored. Annnnd, I've had 2 different people ask me if I've lost weight. 

Vodka and Soda

That's it for today. My life is in boxes, bags, and piles here and there. I promise to return to some semblance of normalcy (for me) by next week.

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