Friday, October 24, 2014

Movin' On Out

This is it you guys. Moving weekend. 

Part of me feels like it was never going to get here, and the other thinks it came way too soon. I'm still all whiney about saying goodbye to my apartment.

This last week has felt like a crunch because I kind of didn't know this was the last weekend. I was thinking that we'd move the big stuff this weekend and then I'd spend next week painting, cleaning, and enjoying my last week. Then on Friday we'd make the final trip. Yeah, no. K was planning on moving the big stuff and the last car trip all this weekend. Oops.

We did get Stu's new mansion set up though. Seriously, he has the life.

This is obviously in progress photo. We had to get 5 gallon buckets to empty his current tank into and we brought him over Thursday night. And because my brain is probably floating around some twister in munchkinland, I didn't take a final photo. Seriously, my brain is mush right now.

The Clowder are ready to go though. Or maybe he's all Mom! I don't want to go! You can't make me!  

Switching gears, this "Victoria's Secret" video was sent to me Monday morning and it's the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. Seriously, click it. Right meow. 

K and I have another Halloween party tomorrow night so I'll get to reprise my role as Pocahontas. Maybe this time I'll get a quality photo. 

Someone want to step in as a personal assistant? I could use it. But before this nonsense gets any longer, I'm off. Happy weekend!

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