Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Under the Gun

Tattoos are one of those special kinds of pain. As much as I'd like to say they're love/hate, they're not. Some people prefer not to have them but can still appreciate the art. 

Love them or hate them, here's what I've got.

6) This is the only tattoo I didn't put much thought into. After my first I was itching for another and while browsing the Warped Tour lineup saw this and really liked it.

I changed it up a bit because where you see those 4 nautical stars, there was a banner.

5) My ants were another impulse. I wanted something on my foot and thought this would be fun. I get "oh how cute" comments on them all the time.

I had these done in Georgia while visiting my cousin in 2009. Fun fact: if you're in the Atlanta airport there's a section in the lobby where it looks like ants are crawling or of a crack in the ceiling.

4) Although my latest piece isn't complete, I'm currently obsessed them. I've wanted this tattoo for SOO long.

Tiger lilies are my absolute favorite flower and I wanted a thigh piece so it was given that that's where they were being planted. Next month I'm adding the color.

These next three are equally important to me.

3) I had the ribbon done in 2012 in memory of my sister.

2) Simba was done the same day as the ribbon and was something I had been planning for a few months. Originally I wanted this on my wrist but then I got real and realized it would be too big would hurt and put it on my ankle. Turns out I didn't even feel when he started this one.

I wanted something for my mom, saw this as a drawing online, and knew it was the purrrfect thing to get. The Lion King is her favorite movie, and I am my mother's daughter. (And since she's a copy cat, she know has the same tattoo on her leg :)

1) My very first tattoo. Almost 10 years later these words still speak to me.

It's a line from one of my favorites by Killswitch Engage. I was going through a rough patch when a friend sent this to me. It reminds me that I'm a fighter and that I can get through or over whatever life throws at me.

For now, I only have 6, but I have rough sketches of at least three more that I plan to get.

What about you? Do you have them, love them, hate them? 
Let's hear it! 

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