Thursday, October 9, 2014


To say this week was adventurous is an understatement. A blur is a tad more accurate.

Monday went according to plan, which is rare given that it's Monday and all. From then on it was Revenge of the Mondays.

4am Tuesday I woke up with a stomach bug that proceed to wreak havoc until Wednesday afternoon, which K also had by the way. By Wednesday might I felt like I had gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson.

Thursday I go back to work and I'm feeling better. I even had a hunger pang,  so I walked across the street to the mall for a slice of pizza. Upon getting back to my office I had the most horrible chest pain I've ever experienced. It was this sharp, piercing feeling of intense pressure. Having never had a heart attack, this is what I imagine one to feel like.

I don't get agita so this was cause for alarm. K and I checked in to the ER at... 1741 (learn military time) and as I write this at 2307, we're still here and I'm still waiting to get called in for my CT scan.

I was finally released at 0030 with a clean bill of health as they found nothing wrong. The best part, as soon as I got home, it all started acting up and I was up until 2am with a burning chest.

This was not how I envisioned my Thursday, let alone my week.

So the "highlights"...

I had my first CT scan
I missed scandal for the second week in a row. Thank you DVR.
I christened my new insurance policy
Hooray for cute doctors. I'm looking at you Dr. Frank.
Oh, and K deserves all the cookies.

Happy 3-day effing weekend.

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